2013 Holiday Product Review Delv. 1


HUF Review:


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Honestly, I don’t see this doing any good in Florida cause the coldest it gets here is in the 60’s. We all ready think this freak’n freezing to us.  I can see if you live where it gets 10 degrees or just flat out I can’t walk out my door cause I’ll get frost bites on my ass. I know for sure this will protect your ass from those frost bites. This is one of many things that HUF have dropped for the Holiday 2013 – TZ



Superb Nation Review:


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 Superb is a new clothes company that is coming out of MIA. It has a style like Diamond and Alphanumeric ( if some of you guys actually remember ). Its very fresh and clean with a little twist to it. With some Marilyn Monroe, Madonna and famous woman on the tees it brings back what fashion use to be. – TZ



Split Review:


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 Split is making a huge comeback with new things coming 2014, grabbing some amazing Pro’s, Am’s and Flow riders to the roster, and just sticking to the basic. Split just dropped their 2013 Holiday Line, it has your flannel long sleeve, pull-over/ zip-ups hoodies, some v-neck cut n sew, and a lot more styles. If you want to look fresh for those holiday pics, dinners, or finding a one-night stand. Take my word, grab something from the Split 2013 Holiday line – TZ



Matix Review:


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 Matix has came a long away to what is now, by being more focus on the brand, the riders, and us. They are doing brand awareness by going to skate shops and teaching us about Matix and they are picking up skaters like Zack Wallin, Auby Taylor and the list goes on and on. Matix has dropped their 2013 Holiday line with some new colorways with the Marc Johnson Collection, a light zip-up fleece, couple of beanies, and much more styles. One-thing I like about Matix, is that I still have a pair of jeans that I had over 5yrs and they still look pretty fresh – TZ


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  1. bummed
    bummed says:

    why do companies still try and bite SUPREME? Leave it alone…be more original than ripping off the “box logo”, sucks. straight up sucks.


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