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Simon Lambey



When did you start skateboarding and what got you into doing it?

I started skating when I was 15 yrs old in Phoenix, Az, my homie Oscar got me skating. I saw him ollie over a chair, from then I was with it!!


What was the video that got you hyped and you had to watch it before each session?

Paul Rodriguez’s part in the City Stars Video “Street Cinema”

That part had me going!!


What’s your current set-up?

CityStars board size 8, Independent trucks 8.25, Spitfire Wheels 52mm, Bones bearings and Cowtown hard ware.


What’s the craziest encounter while out skating?

We went to this ten stair with a rail you can skate over at a school in Inglewood, Ca and as soon as we got in the school, Nick Tucker did switch heel flip over the rail, too Smooth!!


Who or what team are you hyped on?

New Balance Numeric Footwear Team.



What’s your ideal skate trip and who would you want on the trip?

My ideal skate trip would be to go to Dubai with whole the New Balance footwear team, along with Pj Ladd, Levi Brown and Arto Saari.


What’s your go to trick that determines how the session goes?

Switch 360 flip


Hubba girls, or hooters girls?

Hooter Girls Fo sho!!


What are the best and worst things about skateboarding?

Best thing about skating for me is learning new tricks and meeting new people. Worst thing is getting hurt!


Any shout outs or words of wisdom?

Shout out to my family and friends, Kareem Campbell and the CityStars family, New Balance Numeric, Levi Brown, Avante Rose, Taydoe, The Game and the BwsApparel family.

Do want you believe in and don’t let anyone tell you differently or that you can’t do it!! – B.Hess




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