What made you decide to start skating?

As I was growing up , my nan pasted away and told me to do something to keep me out of trouble , and at the same time a lot of my friends where skating at the time as well , so I went out with my dad and he bought me my first complete deck J

Do you remember the first skateboard you ever owned?

OH YEAH , ahah it was a red mini logo 7.75 , the old tensor trucks with the plastic piece in the baseplate for (impacted) , bones wheels and reds bearings . J still riding bones and reds till this day !!

Who has been the most influential skater for you?

Hmm that’s kind of a hard one because I skate with a lot of influential skaters, but if I was to choose one person id have to say Dillon Moore !! thanks buddy

What has been your worst injury caused by skating?

I’ve had a fair amount of injuries to be honest , I’ve broken both of my ankles twice , split my shin and muscle open which needed 14 stitches to close up , and I’ve also broken my wrist once .

Can you share the most memorable moment you’ve had skating, either good or bad?

A few years back I was trying to front shuv into this dirty pool at “camp 30” in Bowmanville , it ended up taking me three days in a row to actually roll away. I wore the same clothes every day until I got the ride away because my buddy Steve Lockie ended up shooting a super wicked awesome photo and I wanted the footage to match the photo aha , I’d have to say that’s the most memorable moment I’ve had while skating J

How fast do you go through shoes?

I go through like a pair of shoes roughly every two weeks , but I try to make them last as long as possible because it gets expensive after a while

What was the shortest time you’ve had a new skateboard for? How did you wreck it?

I bought a DGK board one day in Toronto, On and not even 20 minutes after setting it up I tried to switch 180 this 8 stair and landed on my nose first try and snapped it ..

What is your favorite spot to skate?

Hmm what is my favorite spot to skate eh? , I’d have to say anywhere lol I just enjoy being on my four wheels and cruising the concrete with the crew , no matter where we go J
What do you think about the skating scene today?

– I think the young generation now a days is on a heeaaaaavy come up! Anywhere you look now a days there is a lil ripper somewhere out there!!

Does anyone ever tell you skating has a bad reputation? If so what is you response to them?

I can’t say I’ve heard that before , well I may have but, I just ignore it ahha ,I try not to listen to the negative people out there and live for the moment happy . 😀 !!