10qs – Ryan Connor





Name and where you from?

Ryan Connors from Claremont, CA but I live in Upland now


Years skating?

6 years minus a couple for 8 broken bones


What’s your set up consist of? 

Girl skateboard, Silver Trucks, FKD bearings, Ironhorse wheels, Robot-guts skate hardware


How did u get into skateboarding?

I was at one of my soccer games and one of the kids on my teams older brother brought his skateboard. I asked him if I could ride it and I never played soccer again


Favorite spot to skate?

Jkwon ledges in LA







Best thing about skateboarding?

Meeting new people


Worst trend in skateboarding?

Too many companies going out of business


Any good skate stories where your like what the fuck just happened?

On my way to the Girl warehouse to film my Team BK segment, we picked up the filmer and a friend in LA. We were waiting for them to get in the car and about five cop cars and ten cops pulled guns on us and had us get out of the car and put our hands on the wall. They thought our friend was some major robbery suspect. But they had the wrong dude and we were all freaked out. Definitely a WTF moment


Whats your goto trick at any spot?  

varial heel and 3 shuv


Shout outs hate outs words of wisdom?

Shout out- Team BK, Silver, FKD, Fuel socks, Dizm eyewear, Robot-guts skatehardware, Erik Dirty Sandoval (my main filmer and editor), shout out to Kings Board shop and Herbert & Brian, Family and friends.

Hate outs- Naw- I dont hate.

Words of wisdom- Stay true to your homies and take your park tricks to the streets – B.Hess



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