10qs – Rafael Perez






Name and where you from?


Rafael Perez, South Central Los Angeles



Years skating?


About 5 or 6 years, I would of have had like 8 but I stopped skating for 2 years because  didn’t have anyone to skate with.



What’s your set up consist of?


Mainline skateshop deck, WUB WWheels, Thunder lights, Bones Bearings, Leftover hardware, and Buck Shot griptape.



How did u get into skateboarding?


My neighbors would always skate a flat bar across the street from my house and it looked like fun so I asked for a Skateboard for Christmas, ended up getting a fake board from like Walmart haha.



Favorite spot to skate?


Don’t really have a favorite spot but any spot that has stairs or a haindrail would be fun.





Best thing about skateboarding?


Just going out with my homies and stacking clips is the best, and getting support from companies pumps it up to try harder and get better.



Worst trend in skateboarding?


Mongo pushers



Any good skate stories where your like what the fuck just happened?


One time I was cruising at paramount skatepark and the park got surrounded by cops im like what Is going on, I was like 13 or 14 I got tackled and put in the back of a cop car for writing “fuck pigs” on my grip tape I was shitting my pants. I got a ticket and never went to court haha



Whats your goto trick at any spot?


Varial heel forsure.



Shout outs hate outs words of wisdom?


Shout out to Mainline skate shop, Wub Wheels, Buck shot grip tape, Leftover Hardware, Etnies and Markisa Co. Also to my filmers Davonte Jolly, Jose Perez Filmermannie, Nigel Alexander and anyone else who has took there time too film me and supports my videos – B.Hess



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