How long have you been Skateboarding?

I got a skateboard first when I was about 11 years old, after many years of just enjoying to watch older skateboarders at the local spots. I used to skate a lot when I first got my own board but I felt like it was very hard for me. I really got into skateboarding only when I was around the age of 13, when I realized that “hard” is what comes out when you compare yourself to others too often. Having fun was the main thing for me since that point, and this is when I actually became a “skateboarder”, in my opinion. Anyway, I’ve never stopped and I’m 20 now, so my final answer is 9 years.

What was the first trick you learned on a skateboard?

I used to do various kinds of foot plants. Boneless One was my actual first. Except that, there was the Nollie Shove it. I was trying to learn a regular Shove it and I did it on the grass, because it was less scary. When I finally had it and tried to take it to my flow, I found out that It was a Nollie Shove it this whole time. My Pop Shove it sucks until this day.

What is your favorite skate spot of all time? Why?

There is some elementary school in the town next to where I live, and there are some nice walls to skate, and two sets of stairs, 4 and 5. There is a ledge too. In front of them you have a pretty big flat yard and some grassy area with a few trees where you can lay down when you’re exhausted. I’ve skated way better spots than that one, but I love it because it is always dark and silent, so I can get there to chill and think while I’m skating, with no one to interrupt. 7 months ago I’ve been to hospital for pretty long time and my body was all fucked up. Had no choice but to take a break. This was one of the first places that I went to when I just got back to skate. It wasn’t easy but this place gave me positive vibes and all the calmness that I needed.

What do you prefer street or skate parks? Why?

Each one of them gives you its unique space to express yourself in your own ways. I don’t have a clear preference. I’m in love with the feeling of transition under my feet, but sometimes I can express my individuality better in the streets.

What is favorite stairs and rails, benches and manuals or Bowl or Vert? Why?

I’d go with the bowl in this one. There are many kinds of rails, stair sets and benches, in many different spots and placements which I might like and might not. But, I’ve never been disappointed by a bowl yet.

What is the last trick you landed or working on?

The last trick that I’ve landed was One footed Invert. I love that one! Now I’m working on taking my egg plant 360’s to the coping.

Your favorite skate-video\skate-part? Why?

There are too many so please don’t catch my word in this one. My favorite video is probably Future Primitive of Powell Peralta (1985). In the last few years there wasn’t even a single day which I didn’t sing the “Skateboard Blues” to myself when I went out to the street on my skateboard. And for newer videos, I’d probably say every Anti Hero’s video. Especially “Destination Unknown” (2014). There were times that I used to watch this one every morning. “Anti Hero in the Holy Land” is another great one, and was filmed in my country, Israel. Skateboard parts- I love Mike Vallely’s in Public Domain (1988).

Who is your favorite skater and why?

Same here. Too many. My favorite of all times is Mike Vallely for sure. I’ve always been inspired of him. I like how he has always kept doing his own thing through the years. He has never changed himself for any reason, and stayed a true individual. He is a tough guy and he is awesome in person too. Other big inspirations of mine are Nolan Johnson who is such a creative guy and a gnarly skateboarder, Erick Winkowski because he does the sickest inverts of our time area, Ben Raybourn, Raney Beres, and older guys like Jeff Phillips (R.I.P), Mark Gonzales, and Lance Mountain.

What kind of music do you like to hear when you skate? Why?

Well, different kinds for different moods I guess. I’d almost always prefer fast music, that will make me want to break everything around me, with my head. Loose my fears. I can get that from punk rock music, and some sorts of metal such as Thrash, Death, and sometimes Black. In different days, I might want to hear some slower, and softer sounds. 80’s pop can give me that, and different rock bands. (Siouxsie and the Banshees is a good one).

Anything else you’d like to add?

Thank You True Skateboard Mag for the opportunity. Always have fun, before anything else. Forget what people say about you, and appreciate every moment that you’re standing on your board. You can never know when is your last time skating it. – BS