When did skateboarding change your life?

Skateboarding changed my life 3 years ago

What is your favorite trick and why?

Heelfip, it was the first trick I learned

With skateboarding in the Olympics, do you think skateboarding can prostitute itself or to lose the true essence?

I feel like its going to lose its true meaning.  I personally, feel skating should be for fun and not for competition                                                                              

When was the first time you won a skateboard contest & how did you feel?

It depends on the session & what I’m shredding that day

Skateboarding and music are very connected to each other, what do you like to listen to while skateboarding?

I enjoy skating both but if i had to pick one it would be skateparks only because you don’t have to deal with extra elements

Have you ever thought about giving up skateboarding? Why

Maybe sometime in the future when my body isn’t able to handle it anymore

What inspires you to shred and evolve every day? fame or just fun?

Its a little bit of both, I would like to be pro one day but skating itself is fun to me

What is your daily routine before you go shred?

Make sure I have water and cross myself before I leave the crib

Any inspiring words you want to tell the next generation of skaters?

Just have fun and be humble, being a COCKY won’t get you anywhere – AC