How long have I been skating?

Just before middle school I moved with my mom from the middle of nowhere (Wichita Falls, Texas) to smack dab in the middle of Phoenix, Arizona; that’s where I picked it up, naturally. I’d have to say I have at least 10 years under my belt. 

What was the 1st trick I learned? 

 Ollies! For sure, I’m so appreciative. Ha-ha 

What is my favorite skate spot of all time? 

Downtown Wichita is rad! I know that may not be a specific spot but there are just so many good ones in that region. We have Hills to bomb, banks, ledges, rails, manny pads, stairs, and it’s all just got this little country town vibe to it, I love it. 

What do I prefer street or park? 

I love killin’ the park with the homies, I use the park to learn new tricks or to practice tricks I want to do on specific spots out in the streets, but honestly I prefer the streets. Something’s about the rawness is just so sensational!

What is my favorite obstacle to skate? 

Ledges are the go to, without a doubt!! The homies would back that up 

What is the last trick I landed? 

I am just recently getting into the practice of not being a big pussy so I actually try way more things now. Ha-ha I’ve been learning a new trick every day since the beginning of summer for sure. But, the last trick I landed was a front nose slide, back 270 out on the ledge at our local park. 

What is my favorite skate video? 

FRANK VILLANI’S “NOVEMBER!” What a savage part, dude absolutely rips and the edits are insane!! The OG, Devon Maldonado really put me on. 

Who is my favorite skater? 

You may not be familiar with this name but it means a hell of a lot to me! My favorite skater of all time is a guy named Devon Maldonado. He is now paralyzed, but 2 or 3 years ago he came through my city, destroyed all of our spots and revived our skate scene. I learned so much from him, not only from him being my roommate and my friend but also from him being so good at skating and his knowledge of skating, the industry and videography. He taught me that skating wasn’t just a sport that it is a lifestyle and i am forever grateful. 

What kind of music do I like to listen to when I skate? 

Yikes! It could be anywhere from Travis $cott to Dance Gavin Dance. It’s just whatever I’m feelin’ like that day. 

Is there anything I’d like to add? 

Yes! If I have a real podium, my lil country town does not care about Skateboarding. We are really trying to make a movement here! – BS