1. We all got into skating because of somebody-who got you into it?
    Well, when I was five years old I saw a skateboard in a shop and I wanted to have it immediately so my dad bought it for me. Later my cousin who rides bmx took me to the skatepark in our hometown Homburg almost every weekend and the guys there where really nice to me and showed me the basics.

  2. What’s your first set and trick?
    My first setup was the one my dad bought for me which was more like a toy. The first tricks I landed were an ollie and a bs pop shove it as far as I remember. But my first real setup was a Girl deck in 7.5”, Venture Trucks with a pink base and bones wheels +  red bearings, from there on I started progressing faster. Spent a lot of money for that one haha

  3. Your first ad and/or hookup (brand or shop)?
    I can remember that I sent kind of an application for my first sponsor, a small skateshop named “Tante Guerilla Skateshop” based near where I live. I was super happy when they started to support me with decks and clothing. Greetings to them!

  4. What’s your personal highlight in skating up to this point?
    Last year was awesome! We skated lots of different skateparks and in the end of the summer I won the German Championship (COS Cup). Another highlight was my second full-length part which came out a few weeks after.

  5. What’s your favorite spot (city,country,diy) to shred and why?
    There’s a cool skatepark in Cologne which is called “Northbrigade”, they have lots of obstacles in different highs so you can practice and have a lot of fun. But it’s a three hours drive away  so I just enjoy skating my homepark with my friends. For me, it’s more important with who you are skating, ‘cause then you can have fun anywhere.
  1. A spot you wish you could skated but never did?
    I always wanted to skate at Camp Woodward and finally this summer my wish will come true.

  2. Who in your crew deserves some shine and why?
    The whole crew “homkru” became my family and everybody is important to me. But some special shine definitely deserves Benedikt Schmidt, also known as “Coach Bene”. He showed me how beautiful this sport can be and taught me almost everything I know, he also produces all my videos for You Tube and Instagram. Without him I would have never made it so far. Thanks =)

  3.  If your not skating-what else do you like to do?
    Well if I’m not skating I usually go to school… 😀 Skateboarding is the only thing I do and really like to do.

  4. What’s your plans for the next 12 months?
    As already mentioned I still go to school, but I’ll try to skate and travel as much as possible and also ride some international Contests for example in France, Sweden and Prague to get more experience and skate with different people.

  5. Anything you want to say to the upcomers of any shout-outs?
    Big shoutout to my family and ma gang @homkru  and don’t forget to eat your daily pizza! – Anton