10qs – Keenan Lewis






Name and where you’re from?


Keenan Lewis and I’m from Tampa, FL



Years skating?


Four years strong



Whats your set up consist of?


8 inch Murder Ride board, Thunder hollow lights, Grizzly Grip, Bones wheels, Shake Junt bearings



How did you get into skateboarding? 


My big brother Will. I saw him doing a few tricks and I liked it. So from that I loved skating



Favorite spot to skate?


Skatepark of Tampa! shout out to everyone over there!





Best thing about skateboarding?


When you land your tricks, it feels really good and you get really hyped



Worst trend in skateboarding?


The really tall Supra High tops



Any good stories where your like what the fuck just happened?


When I was trying feebles on this rail. I got into a feeble then somehow got into a blunt and slid it and landed. I was like whoa what just happened haha!



What’s your go to trick at any spot? 


Kickflip all day every day! Favorite trick!



Shout outs, hate outs, words of wisdom?


Wish it, dream it, do it,my mottoB.Hess




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