How long have you been Skateboarding?

About 8 years

What was the first trick you learned on a skateboard?

Uhh Ollie I think

What is your favorite skate spot of all time? Why?

This spot in my area called umass Dartmouth because it has a good variety of stuff to skate

What do you prefer street or skate parks? Why?

Street all day but I like to warm up and kick it with the homies at the park and because that’s where it counts that’s where it’s real

What is favorite stairs and rails, benches and manuals or Bowl or Vert? Why?

Ledges all day and because I love the tech game

What is the last trick you landed or working on?

Krook nollie heel sexchange and I can’t leak the deal yet full length on the way though so y’all can be on the look out

Your favorite skate-video\skate-part? Why?

Dave Bachinsky crime in the city part shit was a banger

Who is your favorite skater and why?

Shit there’s so many to choose from but if I had to pick it would be ramon Santiago kid rips

What kind of music do you like to hear when you skate? Why?

Uhh I listen to a little bit of everything and the only time I skate with tunes is at the park – BS