10qs – Jair Humphrey





Name and where you from?

Jair Humphrey and (TRINIDAD) AND TOBAGO


Years skating?

Almost 3 years


What’s your set up consist of? 

8.0 OuterRR Deck, Tork Trux, Rockstar Bearings and Shake Junt Griptape


How did u get into skateboarding?

Saw it on TV and used to just roll around. I started learning tricks a long while after, when I met some of the local guys who skated… IRS


Favorite spot to skate?

Price Plaza for night sessions and Port-of-Spain in the day. Tobago is fun to.



Best thing about skateboarding?

The feeling when you land a trick after trying it for a long time. And just having fun and filming with the homies.


Worst trend in skateboarding?

Cocky skaters. I mean if your good at skateboarding, that’s cool but you should always be humble and help others on the come up.


Any good skate stories where your like what the fuck just happened?

Actually no haha. Sorry


Whats your goto trick at any spot?  

Gotta pop an Ollie to get the feel.


Shout outs hate outs words of wisdom?

I got a long list haha. Here goes, Shoutout to my sponsors OuterRR, Wicked Audio, Rockstar Bearings and Fuel Socks. Shoutout to the homies Chad White, RideLiveBe, CHOOlyfe essentials, Tork Trux, Steezy and Murder Ride, FSBS and IRS. Oh and Tommie for giving me this interview. Also anyone who has ever supported or helped me with my Skateboarding.

Words of Wisdom- Always remember your roots and SKATE don’t HATE –B.Hess



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