How long have you been Skateboarding?

I’ve been skateboarding since 2007 so it’s my 10th year now.

What was the first trick you learned on a skateboard?

I believe boneless and indy grabs.

What is your favorite skate spot of all time? Why?

I really like Barcelona’s bank spots, but I also love Copenhagen because you can go to a street spot anywhere around the city on a weekday and people won’t say a thing. I’ve met parents with their kids at street spots having lunch and skateboarding together; so open minded just amazing!

What do you prefer street or skate parks? Why?

I love going on a street mission because there’s more precision and energy involved; but a good skatepark is fundamental to learn new tricks.

What is favorite stairs and rails, benches and manuals or Bowl or Vert? Why?

I really like banks and ledges especially creative ones because I can have a nice session without getting too hurt; I’m a bit scared of handrails so when I skate them the session gets exciting!

What is the last trick you landed or working on?

I’m trying to get on lock tailslides and bluntslides on rails and also working on getting my body stronger to avoid injuries.

Your favorite skate-video\skate-part? Why?

This is a hard one, too many to mention but for sure I really like Phil Zwisjen video projects but also Eniz Fazliov and Ben Raemers’s parts are always awesome to watch and get inspiration from.
All of the three can skate anything super good from tranny to rails in a unique way.

Who is your favorite skater and why?

I can safely say Madars Apse: first of all he has emerged from a small country, Latvia, finished university getting a degree in economics, speaks five languages and he’s also really creative on his board. He gives me inspiration to both study and skate. Generally speaking I tend to prefer European skateboarders like Phil Zwisjen, Ben Raemers, Flo Mirtain, Eniz Fazliov.

What kind of music do you like to hear when you skate? Why?

I like music that gives you energy like rock, some metal or punk especially if I’m on a street mission and my legs are starting to hurt.
The right music helps getting tricks faster.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Thank you Truesk8boardmag for this awesome opportunity!

I also want to shout out to my sponsors Nectar Eyewear, Upstream Clothes, Anuell, Synopsis Bearings, Pachyderm Skateboards, Rastaclat, Eskape shop for supporting me and giving me the chance to travel around Europe doing what I love most. Also a huge thank you to my mate Patrick for backing my skate projects, sharing amazing experiences together and giving me daily inspiration on the board. – BS