We all got into skating because of somebody, who got you into it?

t was a combination of friends who was skating a bit, and an older guy living in the same building as me. He lent me his tony hawk 1 game, thought it looked fun so began to skate with the others! none of them are skating today though.


What’s your first set and trick?

If by set you mean stairs, i think it was a three stair in the back yard. If you mean setup, that was a flat board from the toy store. Standard I guess

Beside ollie and bailing around, I learned kickflip body varial, for some reason I just couldn’t stay straight over the board so the body varial came kind of natural.


Your first ad and/or hookup (brand or shop)?

The first ad i hat was an Iriedaily ad in a magazine from Berlin called Anzeigeberlin. It was a blunt fakie at a natural rough brick quarter pipe in Cologne Germany.

I was hooked up by a local skate shop not to far from where i grew up in Copenhagen Denmark. The shop was called Sadu skate shop. I don’t remember the deal, but I ended up working there until it closed some time later. After that is was a distribution for a few years in dk, and then Mischief skateboards picked me up. I later then moved to Berlin and made it to Iriedaily and search & destroy skate shop.  


What’s your Personal highlight in skating up to this point?

Hmm, for a highlight it’s either the 6 months I spend in China where I was living in Nanjing with my friend Mark and Terry, traveling all the way from Nanjing to Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam by train.

Or it’s the board I got from Mischief Skateboards With my own graphic, was differently beyond stoked on that one.


What’s your favorite spot (city, country, d.i.y) to shred and why?

I’m skating a lot at Israels Plads (square) city center in Copenhagen where I live, so i guess it’s my current favorite spot at the moment. But nothing beats skating in China, would even say it’s better than Barcelona even though Bcn is a skate paradise.

For me the best d.i.y i’ve skated is Betonhausen in Berlin behind the skate hall.

A spot you wish you could have skated but never did?

Last time i went to Mallorca Spain we tried to skate a natural transition spot, but got kicked out every day unfortunately. Wish I could have skated that one for some time.


Who in your crew deserves some shine ad why?

The whole Mischief, Iriedaily and Search family deserves lots of shine, all really cool people and just nice to be hanging around with. Beside them i’m hyped at the boys/girls i’m skating with at home. Big ups to P.j Suominen for (almost) always being down to go skate and film, Martin aka King of the sun, The deadheads crew and many others.


If you’re not skating, what else do you like to do?

I’m studying at Cph Business Academy (Computer science) so i’m spending lots of time developing web and system applications, and building circuit controlled robots for fun.


What’s your plans for the next 12 months?

My plan is to stay in school, try to make every tour planed and just have a good time with the boys. If the weather stays good over the summer here i’ll try to finish a new part too.


Anything you want to say to the up-comers or any shout-outs?

Not sure what to say to any up-comers, it looks like they know what they are doing.. Could say that staying in school is cool haha! and they must remember that they don’t have to follow any skate trends and stay far away from energy drinks, it’s not helping, only killing your skating in the long run!

Shout outs to my skate families in Berlin and crew in Copenhagen! and again to P.j Suominen for filming and editing the new clip in just a day. – JD