We all got into skating because of somebody-who got you into it?

My brother, Sean. I’ve never actually thought about it in-depth but whenever he would go outside I would too, as much of a nuisance  that I was to him when I was little. He always told me to go away but until this day word for word – “Yeah, i regret being that way. I remember when you got hurt in the circle down the street from the house and i carried you home on my back. That memory means a lot to me.”

What’s your first set and trick?

My first set was a 6 stair about five minutes from my house.  The house owner was super cool and use to let us skate his stairs.

My first trick was a pressure flip, I was about nine years old thinking it was a heel flip for a few years, Haha.

Your first ad and/or hookup (brand or shop)?

REST IN PEACE SHAWN CLARK; Patriot Skateshop. I was 16 and he had opened up a shop in my
hometown, Saugus, Ma. I remember walking in and just being so hype to the gates finally opening up to an opportunity to ride for a shop. I have so much to say about this guy that it’s absolutely absurd.

Everyone looked up to him, most inspirational and down to earth human I knew. He gave us all advice every day and kept us away from the negativity, everyone loves and misses Shawn so much.

As of now, My main shop is @OneGigCo. Ferguson is my TM and I couldn’t ask for a better one. OG FOR LIFE.

What’s your Personal highlight in skating up to this point?

Definitely the time I was up in the White Mountains at the Beacon Resort. I was 15 and my brother, Sean ended up coming around for the day because he was in the area. I was goofing around since he had a T2I at the time, so why not? I Ollie this fat three block, did some other random things, then this is when I decided to go look at this Fourteen Stair behind the resort just to try to impress the person that got me into it. He was pretty doubtful about it which makes a skateboarder strive for it more. So it’s a long fourteen, big, and the run up turned into a slight downhill. Gave it 6 tries, 5 kicking out and the fifth sticking it. Footage is on my Instagram (@OGMURPH)

What’s your favorite spot (city, country, diy) to shred and why?

Copley Fountain in Boston, spot is legendary. I’ve been skating there since I was fifteen when I first started taking the train. I totally forgot how I ended up there but it’s the perfect little ledge and it’s long. I have met a bunch of cool people there. To really sum this question up Lynch Park is finally built under the bridge after 10 years so that’s mainly where all the Boston skateboarders are now.

A  spot you wish you could of skated but never did?

Carlsbad Gap. Pretty sure it’s gone now.

Who in your crew deserves some shine and why?

Eamon Samojla(@Eamon_Samojla). He’s young and way too talented to not be seen or noticed. Watching him skate makes everyone question in our crew how he does it because every single trick he does is just unreal. I witnessed him FS 180 the Melrose 12 first try no problem and ollie a three flat four in slippers first try, kid is just way too humble, a best friend to us all and definitely deserves the recognition.

If your not skating-what else do you like to do?

 I hang out with friends like anyone else. I just turned 21 so at the moment I like going to bars and as of now I definitely drink more than I should, the 100% Irish came out in me I guess haha. I write in my free time, for anyone who is stressed out I highly recommend this because it does help at night or even during the day. Boxing has become a hobby I picked up just to keep my cardio and endurance up. Candids are also real fun in my free time for sure.

What’s your plans for the next 12 months?

As of now my ankle isn’t in the best condition. I’m looking to get more into the business side if the conditions of my ankle don’t change. At our store in downtown crossing in Boston, One Gig; We’ve made drastic changes within a year and the shop is coming together so well.

I believe we plan on opening up another shop so I’m hoping to be in charge of that along with traveling in-between all of this. Definitely focus more on skateboarding as much as possible and becoming reps for new and even upcoming companies.

Anything you want to say to the upcomers or any shout-outs?


Shout out to Dizzy, Ferg, Rocki, Mo, Duce, Nate G, Jordan L, Brando, Gus, My boo Allie, Chin, Ehron, John Scott, my family…lastly, my filmer Mike Neilan whose been around for my whole journey since fifteen. For anyone I forgot you know I spread much love! I’m out!