We all got into skating because of somebody-who got you into it?

My stepbrother and stepsister. Shout out to Phillip and Cheyanne.

What’s your first set and trick?

I had a 3 stair with barely any run up on our porch. We skated off it but my first trick was actually a caveman off of the side into the grass.

Your first ad and/or hookup (brand or shop)?

Knowledge skateboards was my first sponsor. Been with them for 4 years

What’s your Personal highlight in skating up to this point?

Personal highlight would be getting send to Long Beach and skating in the Dew Tour shop Showdown. We got to meet a lot great people in the industry and made some pretty good friends. 

What’s your favorite spot (city, country, diy) to shred and why?

My favorite city or spot to skate would be just Denver, Colorado in total. My favorite spot would have to be Kanis Park in Little rock, Arkansas. I am actually writing them from Kanis right now.

A spot you wish you could have skated but never did?

“ El Tulsa” its basically a 20 stair rail in Tulsa notorious for good bails. If were talking about famous spots, I would have to go with “ Hubba Hideout “. I love hubbas.


Who in your crew deserves some shine and why?

Rance Walker. He’s too buck. Look him up.

If you’re not skating-what else do you like to do?

I like to shoot guns, wilderness view hopping, city view hopping, filming and editing videos, taking trips to see friends in other towns to partake in responsible drinking games

What’s your plans for the next 12 months?

Planning on making the move to California to be closer to the industry.

Anything you want to say to the upcomers or any shout-outs?

If you skate then don’t quit. Shoutout to Knowledge skateboards, Limitless Culture, True Skateboard Mag & My #TTownboyz, all my friends and family. – BS