We all got into skating because of somebody-who got you into it?

My friend Logan aka “big bro”

What’s your first set and trick?

My first stair set was a 5 and my favorite trick was tre flips.

Your first ad and/or hookup (brand or shop)?

My first sponsor was KC indoor skatepark and they sent my footage and foundation skateboards started hooking me up.

What’s your Personal highlight in skating up to this point?

My personal highlight is just getting out there and skating with the homies and having a great time while being able inspire the younger generation into something as positive and creative as skateboarding.

What’s your favorite spot (city, country, diy) to shred and why?

I’m going to have to say one of my local parks, Penn Valley skatepark in Kansas City, Missouri

A spot you wish you could of skated but never did?

Love Park

Who in your crew deserves some shine and why?

Shaun McKay because he is a beast. Instagram : @shaun_mckay

If you’re not skating-what else do you like to do?

Be active

What’s your plans for the next 12 months?

Go on a trip to somewhere I’ve never been and start working on another video project

Anything you want to say to the upcomers or any shout-outs?

Do what you love, chase your dreams, don’t ever give up, stay focused, stay motivated, and fuck the haters! – JD