How long have you been Skateboarding?

Since I was 11 and I’m 20 now so about 9 years.

What was the first trick you learned on a skateboard?

Wow, don’t really remember. Probably an ollie or a shove-it.

What is your favorite skate spot of all time? Why?

Favourite skate spot would probably be Cankar or Metelkova, two big squares in Ljubljana (Slovenia) because it’s where the homies are always at and the ground is smooth af.

What do you prefer street or skate parks? Why?

I love skating parks because they have everything and homies are always around but I also love getting clips in the streets because it’s very satisfying to land new stuff out there.

What is favorite stairs and rails, benches and manuals or Bowl or Vert? Why?

I love skating bowls and would like to learn more but my favorite thing to skate by far are rails because grinding any trick on a long flatbar is the best feeling ever (especially if it’s a frontside feeble).

What is the last trick you landed or working on?

Last trick I landed is the last trick I posted on my instagram, fs hurricane with another board in my hand, staring at the filmer and flipping the other board while landing the hurricane across the whole flatbar hehe, that was so much fun.

Your favorite skate-video\skate-part? Why?

The last LRG video was dope, because there were so many amazing skaters that I love watching (Felipe, Miles, Trent…).

Who is your favorite skater and why?

I can’t say one but I love watching Shane, Miles, Joslin, Chaz…

What kind of music do you like to hear when you skate? Why?

I listen to just about everything, any song that gets me stoked hypes me to skate.

Anything else you’d like to add?

For anyone that doesn’t know how to frontside feeble on a flatbar, go learn it! It is the funnest and most satisfying trick ever!!! – BS