When did skateboarding change your life? 

when I was about 10 I knew all I wanted to do was skate, it’s hard for me to keep my mind focused on one thing, I would be doing my work at school & all of a sudden skating would come to mind & I would just forget everything. At about the age of 17 in high school I was sent to the office cause they would notice that I couldn’t keep my mind focused on one thing & I told them I had skateboarding on my mind                       

What is your favorite trick and why?

 My favorite trick is for sure bs 360 even though I can’t do it haha                                       

With skateboarding in the Olympics, do you think skateboarding can prostitute itself or to lose the true essence?

It will definitely prostitute itself                                                                     

When was the first time you won a skateboard contest & how did you feel?

Back in 2010 there was this spot called the Salvation Army in south central la, they had this wood built park & I somehow won first place in the run section & first place in the flat ground game of skate so I came home with 2 metals 2 boards & a trophy, I thought I was the shit

Skateboarding and music are very connected to each other, what do you like to listen to while skateboarding?

I really don’t care how much people hate on the new generation of rappers but that’s what I like, mostly Kodak black, lil skies, nba young boy, chief keef & etc

Do you prefer to shred in the streets or in skateparks? Why?

The streets is more fun it reminds me what skating is again

Have you ever thought about giving up skateboarding? Why?

at about 14-15 I had my little party faze I know it sounds funny like your too young to be partying but I did like every weekend I wasn’t doing drugs or alcohol none of that I would just go enjoy with friends & a lot of high school girls I knew & Honestly 2017 was a bad year for me I had money issues started drinking alcohol more than I should cared about girls too much I wasn’t even putting time into skating so when I would skate I sucked bad & I was like really over it, glad I didn’t fully commit to leaving it though, it’s been my day 1 since I was 9.

What inspires you to shred and evolve every day? fame or just fun?

For the fun if I didn’t have skateboarding I’d probably play a lot of video games, don’t need fame to many people over you I’d rather have the money & for the people that say money dosn’t bring happiness well you can transfer that money to my bank account then lol

What is your daily routine before you go shred?

Don’t have a routine if I’m in the mood to skate I better get out there & shred before my hype goes away, it’s hard to stay inspired to skate if you don’t have anyone to skate with like it’s still fun but skating with friends is the best

Any inspiring words you want to tell the next generation of skaters?

Just keep doing what your doing & don’t ever leave your board for the grown up life always make time for it, it will keep you sane – AC