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Benjie Ross final


What made you decide to start skating?

I always thought it looked like something awesome, but I couldn’t really figure it out alone. Once I had the right friend come over and bring Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 for the Dreamcast… it opened up my world a bit. Seeing the live footage, and encouragement from my friend Jonathon led me to believe maybe I could do this.


Do you remember the first skateboard you ever owned?

Probably some sort of Wallmart board. But I went out of my way to get a Zero skateboard as a first main purchase. It was the word Zero in a yellow spray paint graphic.


Who has been the most influential skater for you?

Almost everyone that I grew up watching. Jamie Thomas and the original Zero team on Thrill of it All and Misled youth. Eric Koston and everyone in Menikmati. Then Baker blew my world open with Baker2g. “On Skateboaring Video” had a very influential Pat Duffy and Rodney Mullen episode as well. Those cracked my skateboarding world open.


What has been your worst injury caused by skating?

I’ve actually been pretty fortunate. Probably a jammed middle finger, a really dark blue sprained ankle, and a dislocated finger. Not a lot of head hits or broken bones.


Can you share the most memorable moment you’ve had skating, either good or bad?

A little bit tough to pin point one. The good news is, skateboarding hasn’t brought many bad memories really. But one time Jamie Thomas opened the crowd at my local Hillstreet Skate park for me to land a sick trick over the middle section in front of everyone, twice. (He wanted another one lol) Then Chris Cole gave me 2 dollars that he won in a bet for me to land that try with another rider. It was a “Night of the living shred” Zero Halloween demo a few years back.



How fast do you go through shoes?

These days it seems they are building shoes rather durable depending on what you get. I will ride a good pair out about a month.


What was the shortest time you’ve had a new skateboard for? How did you wreck it?

I think I bought an awesome Baker board years ago and within a few days went to this super high ledge and 180’d off and snapped it. Something similar happened with a Black Label. I think it was 1 day old.


What is your favorite spot to skate?

I actually get this strange joy going back to places I grew up skating. Maybe a childhood curb to grind, or stair set I spent hours on trying to kickflip. But I love finding creative new spots.


What do you think about the skating scene today?

It seems interesting. Younger kids are progressing at a very fast rate. Many people are finding very interesting combo’s and clever tricks for Instagram and social media as oppose to putting out VHS skate vids. And I actually don’t get out too much in the scene. I’m sort of a loner doing my own thing. Contests are still pretty relevant. And I do think there was a type of era when I grew up with all of my old favorite skate vids and teams that can’t really be replaced now a days. The feels of slipping a distinct VHS skate vid and playing it out… but then again… it’s probably the content that mattered more than the medium it was played on. I’ve heard others feel a little the same. But there are plenty of hard working skaters landing all types of cool things now.


Does anyone ever tell you skating has a bad reputation? If so what is you response to them?

I don’t recall many people telling me that specifically. Maybe just one or two. But I’m almost sure I’ve been treated indifferently for the path I chose. Both by society and some of my peers when I was in school. Now a days I don’t know if that still holds as much. Not that it did much before, but people are exposed to many things probably a lot sooner and more now. But to the street skating… yeah the public just doesn’t really care about you much it feels.

(If its cool with you I just wanted to thank my sponsors/supporters)
Highly thankful for all that my local Pitcrew skate shop has done for me, True Sk8boarding magazine for all the support and everyone else supporting me behind the scenes. Also AJskateman for filming the tricks for this interview!! – JD






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