When did skateboarding change your life?

Skateboarding changed my life in 2015. I skated a bunch before that year but 2015 i met some cool homies who were down to skate every day so i was down. My interest in basketball just faded after that. 

What is your favorite trick and why? 

My favorite trick is a backside shuv. I love it cause it’s such a slept on trick and it’s fun to do down stuff. 

With skateboarding in the Olympics, do you think skateboarding can prostitute itself or lose the true essence? 

I like that skating’s in the Olympics, but no skating will always have its true essence. raw skaters will never let that fade away. 

When was the first time you won a skateboard contest & how did you feel?

August 2016. I was hyped i had the homies there and it was just a good time. 

Skateboarding and music are very connected to each other, what do you like to listen to while skateboarding? 

I listen to a bunch of different stuff like Lil Uzi, Lil Skies, Drake, Travis Scott and a bunch others, the list goes on.

Do you prefer to shred in the streets or in skateparks? Why? 

Definitely the streets for-sure, Parks are good for like learning tricks and just kickin it with the homies but, Being out in the streets getting clips, having fun around the city is the best. 

Have you ever thought of giving up skateboarding? Why?

No, I’m way too fascinated with everything. and i can’t wait to see what the future holds. 

What inspires you to shred and evolve everyday? Fame or just fun? 

Fun for sure, I love learning new tricks. The process sucks like falling every try and what not but the end result is what matters, nothing like riding away from a new trick you’ve worked on for awhile. I’m not chasing fame, It would be cool to be pro and everything but for now i’m just having fun. 

Whats your daily routine before you go shred? 

Wake up go brush my teeth, hit up the homies see where the sesh is. Then i get dressed, meet up with them, go eat somewhere then yeah, sesh is about to go. 

Any inspiring words you want to tell the next generation of skaters? 

Just have fun with it man! Just keep the good vibes rolling with your homies and just go for it. Oh and commitment is key!! It hurts more landing without your board than with it! – AC