When did skateboarding change your life?

Probably when I was 15 or 16 and started driving into Des Moines from Adel, which was a real nice place but not much skating happening. Adel had a skatepark with a mini ramp that had screws sticking out and then just one flatbar that went from shin high to completely sackable in 30 feet.

What is your favorite trick and why?

Nowadays, front five-0’s on tranny. Many ways do it but they all feel good.

With skateboarding in the Olympics, do you think skateboarding can prostitute itself or to lose the true essence?

I think most skaters have a pretty good sense of humor. We’ll mock skating in the Olympics, probably watch it anyways, and then it’ll be back to business as usual when it’s all said and done.

When was the first time you won a skateboard contest & how did you feel?

Maybe a contest in Urbandale, Iowa about 10 years ago. Probably felt like drinking beer at the time.   

Skateboarding and music are very connected to each other, what do you like to listen to while skateboarding?

90% of the time its on shuffle. That means everything from Enya to Lil Wayne to Zeppelin to Holy Ghost.

Did you prefer to shred in the streets or in skateparks? Why?

Preference depends on the mood I’m in but I’m always trying to go where to crew is linking up.

Have you ever thought about giving up skateboarding? Why?

Never thought about it seriously. Skateboarding owes no one anything, yet some of my best memories involve skating and homies.

What inspires you to shred and evolve every day? fame or just fun?

Just fun, I think that other ship wasn’t even at the dock. Got a great crew of skaters that keep me inspired to skate everyday. Thanks Nick Suarez, Zach Dowdy, Brenden Keaveny, Chris Coogan, Alex Caceras, Cameron McCintosh, Vinny Dalfio and the FTV squad, Chris Larue and the PD homies, and everyone at Lurkville Skateboards.

What is your daily routine before you go out?

Coffee, acai, stretching, smoking herb, and sometimes painting

Any inspiring words you want to tell the next generation of skaters?

A changing environment means skateboarding will always have a habitat that’s prone to evolution. Enjoy! – AC