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For those who don’t know where are you from?
I am Alexander Brandon Walker-Griffin I’m from the smallest but best town in the Bay Area. HERCULES, CA and I ride for skull kap skater and dsr apparel and I’m 16 years old and I’m genealogy nerd.
Who is your usual crew you skate with?
Now it’s Ricky Noel, Ryan Myers, Owen Bruce,Brandon morin, josh galvan, kisean powells and who ever wants to tag along for the fun. 



What do you prefer HD or VX1000? That’s a hard one… I guess I would have to say HD because videos today are so clear it gives you the feeling as though you are at that spot in the video it simultaneously correlates the progression of skating with technology it’s super rad. 

Fresh or Hesh?
Both styles are sick to me but i would have to say hesh I can watch creature and life blood videos for days but they both influence my skating but hesh videos are more entertaining in my opinion. 
How do you feel about park rats?
Some are nasty because some don’t shower or just set up camp at the park and don’t throw away their trash and they need to get out the park every now and then I mean it’s not sidewalk surfing if you’re at a park all day. 
Any bizarre or strange encounters while out skating a spot?
I’ve had a bunch! Two months ago me and my friends were at the 3 up 3 down in San Francisco and for those who don’t know outside of the building is a skate spot but on the inside it’s a porn site kink.com it’s a fetish sight but on the bottom they make the vids and on the top floor they make the DVDs well anyways this lady came out crying with her boyfriend it was the funniest and grossest thing ever haha and about two years ago on go skate day me and my homies were leaving from dlx skate shop and this lady put a curse on me I’m not sure if the curse is real or not nothing bad has happened yet haha. Those are my favorite two.
Do you have any specific rituals before a skate session?
Watch ishod wair chronicles 2 part, any mark suciu video, watch Ben raybourn birdhouse pro video, watch 5&5 with Dolan stearns and his meet the luckers part  and stretch.
Do you prefer Tranny or Street?
Both! If it has a good ledge, quarter, bowl or a mini ramp hit me up! 
Any new projects coming up we should look out for?
Just a homie video and video for skull kap skater  other than that I’m going to start making trick tips soon. 
Any Shout outs or thanks?
So many people! Shoutouts out to Karl Watson, Walker Ryan for all they have done for me over the years and getting my foot in the skateboarding world and introducing to people and taking me too so many places , Keith k dub Williams out in Oakland doing good for all the shredders and the community in my birth town! Kisean powells, josh galvan, Ricky Noel, Daniel Uribe, Brandon morin, Owen Bruce, Ryan Myers, Jonathan Wolde, Davion McFadden ,Askia williams, Daniel Barron, Blake winter, Ana Laramore,Robert black, Jeshua cornejo ,Javier Torres , Nathan cauich, Justin Seinyer,Juan Guttierez,,manual Martinez, Andrew rubio, Jaysean, CG from San Francisco, Justin Chang, Brendan dirk, max glanz for getting a skatepark in Pinole after trying for almost a decade, Aj budz, Zach moldonaldo, Gabe Pena, Alex Le, Benny abrea, Scotty Jizz, Nestor Garcia,Barack Obama, Joe Biden, the internet, TV, meteorologist thanks to them for letting be able to know the weather conditions for when I can go skate,Aaron Kyro,Melvin Burman, Amy Sobel, Liliane Martinez, the Axelrode brothers, porteus and Burke, Javon Oakley, everyone in my family,  Nate Serrano RIP dynamic city skateshop, my dog Loki he’s killing it, my sister Alia, my parents for always having my back, my grandparents, all of my ancestors thank you for all the hardships you guys went through so people in my generation can have a better life, bob at skull kap skater, everyone out in Miami at dsr josh, simon, Marcos thanks for everything, Tyler Moore, Jakob santos out at skylmt skateshop in Oakland, my girlfriend  – WG



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