$10,000 Kosha Dillz Kickstarter, Bonnaroo , Vans Warped Tour all summer long


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$10,000 Kickstarter for New EP!! 17 days left.

Have you seen the news? Have you heard? I wanted to let you know that in the midst of all my hustling and running around for warped tour, I made a new kickstarter to help me raise $10,000 in funds to complete my new 9 song EP, that I wish to sell all summer long and beyond to nearly 500,000 people in 41 cities. Production will be by Ski Beatz, Jesse Shatkin, Curtiss King and newcomer YUC Beats and guest features from Micky Shiloh, Nina Dioz, Flex Mathews, Ida Hawk and Flynt Flossy of Turquoise Jeep.

To check the link and pledge to the kickstarter, click here.

The end date for pledging is June 18th, so that means you will not get charged until June 18th, and only if I hit the $10,000. So far we have raised $2,897!

I would tell you what the name of the EP is, but it would be pointless since no one has pledged 10,000 to give it the name yet. I am still positive someone will give me 10k to name it after their business as an amazing marketing tool. If you can’t afford to name it, at least grab a zip up or a limited edtion 3d pickle USB with over 90 songs and videos or my limited Edition Kosha Dillz Hebrew Vans Warped Tour Shirt!

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Bonnaroo x Kosha Dillz

It is pretty official yo. I shall be headed down to the country world in Tennessee to do some rapping with some special guest friends…can you guess who it is?
I’ll be sure to give you some rap shout outs from the field and on stage!
email rapperfriends@gmail.com for more info on how we can link up, and how I can get you special VIP love in Nashville on Vans Warped Tour.

Also , Im excited that Darah Golub, my documentarian is also playing Bonnaroo with her band the Parlour Trix!

I want to help Kosha !! Help on Vans Warped Tour

would you like to bring me Glatt Kosher Meat to eat on tour?


▪ would you like to help sell merch in your city? While we are performing?


▪ would you like to help pass out fliers/stickers?


▪ would you like to help get Kosha Dillz an interview with New York Times, or my local high school Magazine or radio station?


▪ would you like to help us on social media? (twitter, instagram, snapchat, facebook, youtube)


▪ would you like to help us collect emails for our mailing list?


▪ would you like to video and edit vlogs for the youtube channel on tour?

If the answer is yes to these questions, remember to email Mary at Teamkoshadillz@gmail.com

I want to book Kosha in the fall 2015!! Help me bring him to my house, school, college, city, festival!

If you want to bring the Kosha Dillz to your school, house, college, city, festival in the Fall of 2015, let us know. jon@universalattractions.com or teamkoshadillz@gmail.com or reply here!! Keep the Dream alive by Keeping the Dillz…Live!


The easiest way to get them is right off my websiteor their website. You heard it right old dillzionaires!!! PARENTS ARE FREE. WE (myself and flex mathews) will also be rapping surprise freestyle shows for parents and principals and teachers in the Reverse Day Care Tent — let us know if you wanna link !! email rapperfriends@gmail.com with the title WARPED TOUR PARENT

I think that is it for now Dillzionaries…Love you!!
See you soon !!!

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